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1. topics: various (writing/ blogging)

(1) blog (ejc)

What is a ‘foreign philosophy’?,  by Katrina Wood, published EJC -European Journalism Community (blog. aug, 2014  Probably archived)

original link:  http://community.ejc.net/profiles/blogs/what-is-a-foreign-philosophy?

(Original profile link: https://community.ejc.net/profile/KatrinaWood) – previous.

(2) blog (ejc, approved dec 2014.)

Criminalization of defamation: press freedom or judicial integrity?  by Katrina Wood, published EJC -European Journalism Community (blog. dec, 2014)

original link :  http://community.ejc.net/profiles/blogs/criminalization-of-defamation-press-freedom-or-judicial-integrity?

2. topic: psychology

Psychology writing – freelance writing about psychology

(Writer a freelance journalist / writer/ blogger. No claim to be psychological advice or anything else. Katrina Wood – a freelance journalist, only).

book (1995): Interviews.

blog (approx. 2016-2018) psycinsights.de (blog for couple of years – since discontinued)

comment (Nov, 2015) Correctiv.org

Book published (self-published) 1995. Therapists on therapy: Interviews with 9 Auckland psychologists

Interviews by Julie Wood of 9 Auckland psychologists about what it’s like to be a psychologist. Free copies sent to the interviewees, and 10 taken by Auckland university bookshop for possible sale. No more in print. Never published online. (previous name: Julie)

blog: psycinsights.de (blogging about topic of psychology 2016-2018 – blog since discontinued).

comment on article (Nov 2015) (original link  – may since be gone, or archived -https://correctiv.org/recherchen/stories/2015/09/26/der-psychiatrie-skandal/#comment-756

Disclaimer written by Katrina Wood: re. writing – ‘topic psychology’:   Katrina Wood is not a psychologist, and despite having studied the subject at university, and had a few temporary jobs, or a  few HR- focused training jobs years ago in the field, has subsequently been a freelance writer or, for some years, worked as a paid journalist.  No connection to the profession of psychology at all to be inferred.  Writer expressly denies any connection to the psychology or counselling profession.