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(1) blog (ejc) 

What is a ‘foreign philosophy’?,  by Katrina Wood, published EJC -European Journalism Community (blog. aug, 2014  Probably archived)    original link:  community.ejc.net/profiles/blogs/what-is-a-foreign-philosophy?


(Original profile link: community.ejc.net/profile/KatrinaWood)

(2) blog (ejc, approved dec 2014)

Criminalization of defamation: press freedom or judicial integrity?  by Katrina Wood, published EJC -European Journalism Community (blog. dec, 2014)   (original link:  community.ejc.net/profiles/blogs/criminalization-of-defamation-press-freedom-or-judicial-integrity?)


2. topic: psychology   

Psychology writing – freelance writing about psychology

(Writer a freelance journalist / writer/ blogger. No claim to be psychological advice or anything else. Katrina Wood – a freelance journalist, only).

  • 2016-2018: blog: psycinsights.de (blogging about topic of psychology for a couple of years occasionally – blog (own site) since discontinued.
  • 2015: comment (Nov, 2015) Correctiv.org

comment on article (Nov 2015) (original link  – may since be gone, or archived -https://correctiv.org/recherchen/stories/2015/09/26/der-psychiatrie-skandal/#comment-756

  • (1995, book): Interviews

Book published (self-published) 1995. Therapists on therapy: Interviews with 9 Auckland psychologists

Interviews by Julie Wood of 9 Auckland psychologists about what it’s like to be a psychologist. Free copies sent to the interviewees, and 10 taken by Auckland university bookshop for possible sale. No more in print. Never published online. (previous name: Julie)

Disclaimer written by Katrina Wood: re. writing – ‘topic psychology’:   Katrina Wood is not a psychologist, and despite having studied the subject at university, and had a few temporary jobs, or a  few HR- focused training jobs years ago in the field, has subsequently been a freelance writer or, for some years, worked as a paid journalist.  No connection to the profession of psychology at all to be interpreted.  Writer expressly denies any connection to the psychology or counselling profession, and no endorsement of it to be inferred. 

see also:   writing – media