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Media – various (including comments, articles, or blog posts)

1.  A comment published (with reply) on Correctiv.org, in 2015 (topic: psychology, which Katrina Wood freelance journalist has done a bit of blogging on)     –  (original link)             




2. Freedom of information act (FOI) requests, (Germany)


In english: ‘ the rights of foreign journalists registered as members of the German press (trade unions )’ (anyone can view this page)



3. book: by Katrina Wood, published 1995 (note: previous name: ‘Julie’).

WOOD, J. (1995). Therapists on therapy: interviews with 9 Auckland psychologists. Gisborne [N.Z.], Kingsley Wood Pub.

http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/154137609 (permalink to the page on WorldCat.)


Media accreditations and events attended:

2016 : Accepted: 2 ( roscongress.org – but could not attend – for SPIEF, and EEF, Russia)

2017: Rejected: 1 (roscongress.org ) (for SPIEF, Russia)


Katrina Wood, ID card (member GNS Press Association 2017-2020 note: Press ID – no. hidden by KW -online security )